Rehoming Information


From time to time the Association has tortoises given to it for which good homes are required. Historically tortoises have been little understood and therefore kept in inadequate conditions. We will only rehome tortoises amongst our members as long as they guarantee to keep them according to the guidelines set out in the BATK Husbandry Booklet.


If you are looking for a tortoise, the first thing you must do is to do your research well and become a member of BATK. This is best done by attending an Information Day and talking to us. This way you will have an idea of what is expected from you as well as what we can offer you and your tortoise. If you then want to go ahead with Fostering you will need to attend a talk, if you haven't already done so to find out how we expect our tortoise to be looked after.


If you then foster a Tortoise UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you pass this tortoise onto a third party? If you can no longer look after it then it has to be returned to BATK.


There are no short cuts, anyone wishing to foster a tortoise through BATK must meet our conditions.


Some of the tortoises we are given for rehoming are not in the best of health. This is usually due to husbandry problems, rather than medical problems. We will explain to you any special requirements that your particular tortoise may need in order to restore it to hopefully full health. You will not be given one of these tortoises unless both you and BATK are happy with the situation.


Some tortoises are ill, and although this can entail a great deal of time and effort, nursing a sick animal back to health can be very rewarding. Again you would not be given one of these unless yourself and us were happy with the situation.


If you wish to go ahead with fostering then please write a letter to BATK, 17 Abbey Lane, Southam, CV47 1HR and we will start the process.


Please state in your letter:


  • What breed of tortoise you are interested in.

  • Whether you wish to foster an adult or juvenile.

  • Whether you have a preference between male and female. (Please note that males and females must be kept separately)

  • If you already have tortoises, what species, size and sex they are.

  • Fill in a membership form with the fee of £35.



Please note


Tortoises should not be cuddled, stroked or handled unnecessarily, and therefore they do not make good pets for young children. They are wild animals and after providing the correct environment for them they should be left alone to enjoy it. They are for watching and not touching.


BATK only rehome between April - August, especially the Mediterranean tortoises.

Tropical Tortoises may be available at any time.