Fostering a Tortoise from BATK


How much does it cost?


The Fostering Membership costs £35 to join, this includes membership to BATK for 12 months.


What is included in the Fostering Programme?


On first joining you will receive our Husbandry Book for Mediterranean Tortoises and a membership number, along with a letter welcoming you and a cope of our latest newsletter. The above payment cover 12 months membership to BATK, free entry to any of our events and our yearly newsletter. Any help that you may need and any information that we produce.

You will be taught what is needed to look after the species of tortoise that you wish to foster and given all the help that you need to ensure that you can provide the right husbandry for the species. This payment also covers a home check, which will be required to ensure that you are ready, but also helping with suggestions on how to create a good tortoise area, if you need our input.


When you have your Tortoise


When you are left with a tortoise to foster, we ask that you consider giving us a donation which will go towards helping other tortoises who need care. Thank you.


Please note


One condition of fostering a tortoise is that you remain a member of BATK for as long as you foster the tortoise which is "12 for family membership or £10 for concessionary family membership. It is only £1 or less a month but it will help us to help other tortoises who need our help. Many thanks


To join please go to the membership page, print off and fill in along with payment and send to the address on the form.




Anyone fostering a BATK tortoise can apply to adopt the tortoise if the following conditions apply.

- You must have been a member of BATK for 5 years and fully paid up and kept the tortoise for 2 years.

- You must be able to provide us with a copy of your weights and measure forms whilst you have fostered the tortoise and these must show that the tortoise has been looked after correctly according to our husbandry techniques.

- You must provide us photos of the tortoise in situ of their indoor and outdoor area along with the adoption form filled in.

All of this information will be looked at and discussed at the next committee meeting and you will be informed of our decision.                 If all criteria is fulfilled then there should be no problem and you will be posted the signed adoption form.

We do advise you to remain a member of BATK and if you no longer can care for the tortoise that it is returned to BATK.