BATK Membership


How much does it cost?


12 months Membership costs £12 a year.


What is included in the Membership?


On joining BATK you will receive our Husbandry Book for Mediterranean Tortoises, by the committee of BATK, a Membership number along with a letter welcoming you and a copy of our latest newsletter.


The above payment covers 12 months membership, free entry to any of our events, a yearly newsletter and any help that you may need and any other information that we produce.

Data Protection Details

We do not send, sell or use your details to give to other third parties at all as your details are only for BATK use while your membership is valid.

We only store your information whilst you have a membership with BATK and on you letting us know that you do not wish to receive any information or no longer wish to be a member then we will destroy any information that you have given us.

The only exception to this is if you are a fosterer. If you no longer wish to receive information or reminders then you will have to finish your membership and your tortoise/s will need to be handed in.

We hope that you will remain a member and keep fostering your tortoise but if you do not want to receive the newsletter then please let us know.

Your details are stored by the Treasurer and Membership Secretary on a private computer and not passed to anyone else or over via emails.

Many thanks the Committee of BATK  1.5.2018