Calcium & VItamins


Limestone Flour


This is required by all tortoises to grow and lead a better life. Calcium Carbonate is still the best way of providing calcium for your tortoise and is also the cheapest. It is available at our Information days for you to purchase, or you can purchase it in large quantities, usually available at an agricultural merchants or off the internet. Just sprinkle some onto your washed feeds. It is suitable for all sizes and species of tortoise.














Another source of calcium for your tortoise. Some tortoises eat this readily, but some do not, because of the fishy smell. You can soak the cuttlefish in some water before putting it into the tortoise area, or leave it out in the rain. They usually eat it when the smell goes. For young tortoises you can grate small amounts and put it into their area, or put it onto their weeds.













Pots of Calcium Carbonate


These are mainly found in pet shops and are a good source of calcium, but may prove to be costly.






We recommend this product because it not only contains vitamins and calcium, but it specifically contains vitamin D3, which is essential for the utilisation of the calcium. This is a useful supplement to sunlight, which is the main source of D3. Put a pinch of Nutrobal on your tortoise's food once a week for adults and every other day for juveniles.