We welcome you to the site of our self Catering Holiday home, Gullrock, 51 Belgrave Road, Fairbourne, Gwynedd, Wales LL38 2BQ


This self catering bungalow is situated in Fairbourne, a wonderful part of Wales where you can have a peaceful holiday in a lovely bungalow and hopefully get the weather to match.

This is the front view of Gullrock with the drive and front lawn. You can get a couple of cars on here easily.

This is the view from the front of the bungalow looking over the road with Barmouth mountains in the background. The drive is as the picture above as the slate in this picture has been replaced. Awaiting a new photo.

These are the Mountains that are behind Fairbourne which inludes the bungalow. You can see this scenery from all angles of the bungalow gardens.

The bungalow is just down the side road and where I am taking the photo is on the top of the Beach.

This again is the view that we have from the houses in Fairbourne. It is very quiet and peaceful. During the holidays is can get busy but never hectic.

This is the view up the estuary and from the top of the beach.

This is a view of the estuary further along the top of the beach. This is also where the 9 hole golf course is and the road to the point. The steam railway also travels along the side of this road to the point.

This is the walk along the top of the Beach. There are steps and slopes up and over this wall at regular intervals.The Houses are to the right of the picture and the sea and beach to the left. This walk also takes you to the point and the Barmouth Ferry.

This is the view across the estuary from the point where the Fairbourne Steam Train goes to looking at the Cadar Idris range of mountains. Fairbourne is to the right of this picture and you can see the walk across the big Wood and Iron Bridge that goes into Barmouth.

This picture is the beach to the right.

This picture is the beach to the left.

When the tide goes out there is loads of space on a flat hard sand that is perfect for making sand castles with and great for playing games on. The sand is washed everytime the tide comes in and it is a Blue Flag Beach.